Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza vs Hyundai Creta

vitara brezza vs creta

As on 8th March Vitara Brezza has launches price starts 6.99 lakhs, more and more people are getting curious. Also more and more comparisons are done. People are seeing Brezza as a good option and are comparing it with various other SUV’s available. Vitara Brezza is a next big project of Maruti Suzuki and is advertising is getting lot of attention. This model is a big threat to Hyundai Creta and car buyers are in a dilemma between two. So here goes a quick comparison between Maruti Vitara Brezza vs Hyundai Creta.

Comparison Prices of Vitara Brezza vs Creta

Starting with the basic factor that is cost, that its Maruti Suzuki’s Vitara Brezza that is most affordable. Its price lies in the range of Rs. 6.99 to. 9.68 lakhs (ex-showroom delhi). Hyundai Creta is costlier as compared to Brezza and its models will come in the price range of Rs 8.6 to 13.6 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi.

vitara brezza vs creta

Comparison Hyundai Creta vs Maruti Vitara Brezza Dimensions

Vitara Brezza will be a sub-4 meter SUV that means its length not more than 4 metres. Its length is 3995 and width is 1790 mm and Height is 1640 mm. On the other hand length, breadth and height of Hyundai creta is 4,270mm, 1,780mm, and 1,630mm respectively.  Vitara Brezza ground clearance is 198mm whereas it is 190mm in Creta.

Comparison based on Engines and mileage

When coming to engines, then it is creta that offers more choices. Hyundai Creta comes in three engine options whereas Vitara Brezza is available in only one option till now. Hyundai Creta engines are: 1.6-litre petrol engine, a 1.4-litre CRDi diesel unit and 1.6-litre diesel engine. Its 1.4-litre CRDi diesel power train, can deliver 90Ps of power and 220 Nm of torque and is quite suitable for city use. It has six-speed manual gearbox transmission system. Its other diesel engine 1.6-litre, CRDi diesel power plant has the capacity of providing power of 128 PS power and 260 Nm of high torque. This engine has the option of six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission system. Its 1.6-litre VTVT gasoline engine which has six-speed manual transmission is good for 123Ps power and 151Nm torque.  Coming to Vitara Brezza, then powering in Vitara Brezza is done by 1.3 litre 200 DDis diesel engine four cylinder and a petrol engine that will be exported from Indonesia. Coming to its diesel variant of Vitara Brezza the power of 89bhp and torque of 200Nm is expected from its engine. This is mated with five-speed manual gear box.

maruti vitara brezza
Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza

Mileage of Vitara brezza vs Creta then Hyundai Creta mileage is: petrol variant-15.29 kmpl, 1.4-litre diesel manual variant-21.38 kmpl, 1.6-litre diesel manual trims-19. 67 kmpl and 1.6-litre diesel automatic trim-17.01 kmpl.  Mileage from Vitara Brezza: Diesel variant: 24.6 kmpl , petrol variant: 18 kmpl.

hyundai creta
Hyundai Creta

Comparison Based on features

Brezza looks is inspired from 2015 Suzuki Vitara global model. Its features are Floating C-pillars, steeply raking windscreen, sleek headlamp etc. Its interior will have a glimpse of Baleno and will have keyless entry & exit, Touchscreen infotainment system, ABS, reverse parking camera etc. Coming to Hyundai Creta, then it is good looking car which have beautiful interior and lot of gadgets. This model of Creta is good but is costly.

53 thoughts on “Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza vs Hyundai Creta

  1. Hi
    I like to buy Vitara Brezza, when it coming to the market, I wanna test drive before booking a car.
    Thanks and Regards
    Gaurav Saraswat

  2. Hyundai car’s when it runs is ok. But when it comes to maintenance I had very bad experience particularly in terms of maintenance and the cost of spare parts. Maintenance cost is too high. That is why I choosed Maruti Suzuki this time.

    1. Brezza is a good for startups. Indeed I drive Creta now and driven Suzuki for 6 years before Creta. Agreed to maintenance part but ‘Q’ is a big factor in both the companies.

  3. good loking car but old engine,who was used in swift nd dezire nd baleno nd now in breeza its to old engine,

  4. I have booked Vitara Breeza & had booked Creta 1.4 crdi before but cancelled Creta booking yesterday. U think my decision is right.

  5. We are interested to book creata 1.6 or 1.4 bt cost wise not worthy..where as we can get vitara breeza top end in my suggestion is to go for vitara breeza. We booked yesterday.

  6. I really like vitara brezza. Its value of money i suggest to buy brezza . I will purchase this in few days

    Devesh singh

  7. I booked creta 1.4 diesel base model on 8 January. But so poor service of Hyundai that they even fails to deliver it by promised date on 8 march. But thank god on same day vitera brezza launched. I immediately cancelled booking of creta and book viterra brezza and believe me top model of brezza is cheaper than base model of brezza.

    1. Aseem you would be glad to know that brezza has more features than creta’s top end model 1.6sx(o)
      Well you will be very happy with brezza because Suzuki is also a well spread and had a good service after sales than Hyundai’s

  8. If any one is going to buy a car in the range of 8-11 lakhs i would recommend Vitara Brezza its a great car having responsive acceleration its having a lot more customisation in interiors according to your car colour it gives you great mileage as claimed good view of road from inside makes you feel like you are driving a SUV great comfort having features which are missing in creta such as cooling glove box it is having more ground clearance it is great to be in this on roads today i took its test drive and it was better than my red Queen Creta sadly my creta a 16 lakh rupee car misses many features big and small

  9. i have booked a brezza top model, i m confused about the color, as the dual tone gives me the option of red-black,blue-white,yellow-white. Also i feel after sometime, after sometime reselling is concerned then plain White will be the good option. Please suggest???

  10. Guys don’t compare Lemon with Alphonso …..

    Maruti is trying to position Vitara as competitor to Creta ..and also other social media also comparing Vitara with Creta is ridiculous…..

    I have following observation as below

    1) Size wise both vehicle has huge difference , Creta is much bigger in over all space , inside and boot space is much more than Vitara ground clearance is very high

    2) Quality of product in terms of exterior ( Though Maruti tried to copy Creta but its very much known to people as if you don’t know how to paste …don’t copy 🙂 hah) . Interior plastic quality and dash board finish of creta is far superior than vitara .

    3) More engine option with better power and pick up than Vitara options .

    4) In Top end also Vitara No Six Air bag options …Creta top end Sx (O) has

    5 ) Much higher torque and pick up in all engine options than Vitara

    5) Much better safety features and other best features than Vitara……

    6) Interior is very stylish than Vitara …..

    7) Unlimited warranty for three years so …. your life cycle cost is zero for three years …..


    1. Ground clearance of brezza more than Creta so ur wrong . Also both seat 5 so no meaningful advantage in spending 5 lac extra. Then Maruti service is Maruti service. I can bet had brezza been launched earlier Creta sales would have been half . So you cannot say they are not comparable .

  11. I think it’s not lemon its breeza dear it’s owesome what ever ur saying is right six air bag slightly lengthier and please have a note it’s costlier after buying breeza we can buy Sandro zing also in what we pay for creeta.. And afcos service is far far better again it’s Maruti and compare to mechanism no doubt it’s Suzuki again

  12. Engine Specification Comparison

    The Biggest Difference would be the Engine – Vitara Brezza would come up with the same diesel engine as used in Ertiga, Ciaz, S Cross DDIS 200 with VVT Variable Geometry – which makes the strength of drive-ability with enhanced Power Delivery

    Advantage of Swift Dzire is the low end torque performance to mid range, while Vitara Brezza on lines of Ertiga and Ciaz would rather be more impressive in Mid Range Performance to High Speed Dynamics

  13. we have booked vitara Breeza vdi(0) model on 18 th April. we wanna by it in white colour bt badly in this color have 2 month waiting so we chose red color bt still we want white 🙁

  14. Hyundai Creta best in performance i like is so much… brezza have old engine,who was used in swift nd dezire nd baleno nd now in breeza its to old engine,

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