Renaut kwid vs Nissan Micra vs Beat vs Honda Brio

kwid vs micra vs beat vs brio

With newly launched kwid, Renault, the French Carmakers is giving a tough competition to all other carmakers like Honda, Chevrolet etc. This article will be containing a quick comparison between the leading cars of Indian Markets. It will be dealing about the details and specifications of Renault Kwid, Nissan Micra, Honda Brio, and Chevrolet Beat.

kwid vs micra vs beat vs brio

Price Comparison

So staring with the price, Kwid wins the race, by becoming the most affordable among all. Its base price starts from Rs 2.7lakhs.  Nissan Micra will come in Rs 5.3 – 7.6 Lac, Chevrolet Beat will cost around Rs 4.3 – 6.5 Lac, and Honda brio costs Rs 4.4 – 6.9 Lakh.


Talking about dimensions, then Brio has the widest base of 1680mm, Nissan Micra is tallest, longest and also provides maximum wheelbase among all and has the height and length of 1525mm and 3825mm.Its wheelbase is 2450mm.  But when it comes to ground clearance, Kwid again top the chart with 165mm, leaving its competitors at least 5mm behind.

Engine Comparison

Renault kwid vs Nissan Micra

Renault kwid vs Chevrolet Beat

Renault kwid vs Honda Brio

Renault kwid vs Honda Brio

Coming to engine specifications, then Micra and brio are accompanied by 4 cylinders and the other two that is kwid and beat have 3 cylinders. Individually, Brio is powered by 1.2-litre i-VTEC Engine, which is capable of providing 86.8bhp of power and 109Nm of torque. Micra is powered by 1.5litre 8V In-Line Diesel Engine which can provide power and torque up to 63.1bhp and 160Nm. Kwid has got special engine that can supply energy , torque of 53.3bhp and 72Nm respectively and have the highest fuel saving capacity. The name of this powering tool is 0.8litre 12V Petrol Engine. Powering of Beat is done by 1.0litre 12V SMARTECH Diesel Engine that is delivers power up to 56.3bhp and torque up to 142.5Nm. They all have got 5 speed gearbox.

Talking about economy, then kwid is claimed as best fuel efficient car available till now. Renault kwid provides mileage of 25.2kmpl. Beat also provide similar efficiency but costs twice the price of kwid, which makes it less famous than Kwid. Other two cars Nissan Micra and Honda Brio are also quite fuel efficient and provides the mileage up to 23.1kmpl and 18.9kmpl respectively. They all have central lock for safety purposes but only  Nissan micra has additional brake assist system which makes it more safer than other three.

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