Petrol Car vs Diesel Car Engine, Difference. Which one is best to buy?

petrol car vs diesel car

The common question that arises in every car buyer’s mind: what car should I buy petrol vs diesel car and in that car which fuel option should be purchased? In today’s scenario, almost every model of car is available in two variants: petrol variant and diesel variant. So after deciding which model of the car is to be purchased, then next big thing that creates hindrance is which fuel option should be preferred. This article deals with certain key points that one should consider while choosing the appropriate engine of the car.

Diesel vs Petrol

diesel vs petrol engine

  1. Daily distance you cover that is average monthly running of the car.

If you need a car for daily up down of at least 40-50 km in a day, then you should opt for a diesel car as it provides better mileage. But if you’re working place or daily routine work does not involve more travelling and apart from holidays you hardly travel much, then you should go for petrol car as it will be more economical.

  1. Fuel cost per litre

This is another important factor while deciding the engine of the car. Cost of fuel per litre affects the cost of car a lot. Diesel is cheaper than petrol and there is a difference of around Rs 10/litre. This difference was greater and was almost double in previous years. But due to Deregularisation of diesel prices, this difference is decreased. And if this trend continues, difference will become even less. So at this stage, diesel variant is a good choice, but in future, petrol variant can become more feasible.

petrol car vs diesel car

  1. Petrol vs Diesel price of the variants

While purchasing the model, this difference is clearly noticed between petrol and diesel variant. Diesel models are always more expensive than the petrol variant and the difference starts with at least Rs 50,000. For example Maruti Suzuki Dzire, Dzire petrol model costs 5,22,345 whereas its diesel variant costs 6,28,272.

  1. Petrol vs Diesel Engine other factors

Factors that include maintenance cost, service cost, etc comes in the other factors.  Petrol car vs Diesel car then Diesel cars are costly to maintain as compared to petrol cars. Oil replacement cost, battery replacement, NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) levels all are more in diesel cars. But at the same time cost of maintaining spark plugs can be prevented as no spark plugs are there. Instead of them, turbochargers are used that again boost up maintenance cost. On the other end, petrol car needs less caring.

Petrol or Diesel Cars Pros and Cons

Selecting a petrol or diesel auto is the most confounding imagined that comes into the brain of a man who is going purchase a car. Well there are sure things you have to know before what kind of car you should buy or not.

  1. Diesel car are more costly than petrol autos.
  2. Petrol car have more life than a diesel car.
  3. If you drive more than 50 km for every day it would be savvier to select diesel car.
  4. Petrol Price more than diesel.
  5. Petrol car have less mileage than diesel car.
  6. Less maintenance are need for petrol cars.
  7. Spare and parts of diesel car’s cost higher.
  8. Diesel cars are heavier than petrol autos.
  9. Long time running expense of diesel cars are high.

So in all, if you are planning to buy a car, that you will drive daily, with distance less than 40 km than go for petrol variant, else, add some more money, and choose diesel variant.

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