Mahindra XUV 500 1.99 L and Mahindra Scorpio 1.99L Engine Launched in India

mahindra scorpio 1.99

Recently due to Delhi government ban Mahindra Company launched Mahindra Scorpio 1.99 and Mahindra XUV500 1.99 litre Engine. After the banning the registration of new passenger diesel vehicles of 2000c or above in Delhi NCR region, India’s car manufacturers Mahindra and Mahindra has come up with solution to handle this ban. Recently they have launched their Mahindra Scorpio 1.99 litre and Mahindra XUV 500 1.99 litre with some modifications to tackle the ban. This some modifications deal only with modifications in engines. Here are the details of changes received in Mahindra Scorpio 1.99L and XUV 500 1.99L.

Mahindra Scorpio 1.99

mahindra scorpio 1.99

Price Specifications of Mahindra Scorpio 1.99L and Xuv500 1.99L

Mahindra has been working on mHawk engines to handle the ban and has come up with 1.99L engine that will provide same power and torque output as its previous 2.2L mHawk engines produced. Scorpio 1.99  engine model will be costing in the range of Rs. 9.67 to 12.75 Lakhs whereas Mahindra Xuv 500 1.99 price will lie in the range of Rs. 11.58 to 15.51 Lakhs.

Engine Specifications of Mahindra XUV 500 1.99 Litre and Scorpio 1.99

The only modification that the Scorpio and XUV500 has received in its updated version is its engine. Both the models, previously had 2.2L mHawk engine that is now reduced to the size of 1.99L engine. This meagre change in the engine size has not fluctuated the output and also, it has satisfied all the rules imposed by Delhi government. Mahindra Scorpio 1.9 litre with its 1,997cc turbodiesel motor is capable of producing power of 120PS  and XUV500 1.9 litre which is powered by 1,997cc turbodiesel motor, can deliver output of 140PS. Similarly, both the cars with slightly small engine are also producing similar torque outputs. Scorpio is capable of providing torque of 280Nm whereas XUV500 1.9l is supplying torque of 330NM.

Mahindra XUV 500 1.99

mahindra xuv 500 1.99

Mahindra Scorpio 1.99L and XUV500 1.99L dimensions, specifications, and designing

The changes in Scorpio and XUV500 are done only to meet the new rules imposed by Delhi government and hence no other features of these cars are amended. All the specifications, whether is its designing, its looks, its dimensions etc, are kept as it is and all over no major change is noticed in the Scorpio and XUV500

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