Mahindra NuvoSport vs Mahindra KUV 100 Comparison

nuvosport vs kuv100

Mahindra has come up with its new SUV Mahindra NuvoSport on this 4 April 2016, and this car is placed between Kuv100 and TUV300. NuvoSport is be a sporty SUV that is adaptable to active life of youngsters; as claimed by company. The designing of this car is done by keeping young generation in mind and this car will be a replacement of Mahindra Quanto that failed to attract customers. Here goes the quick comparison between both the models of Mahindra Nuvosport vs KUV100.

NuvoSport vs KUV1000 Comparison on Prices

Starting with the affordability, then Mahindra KUV100 starts with the base price of Rs 4.49lakh whereas Nuvosport basic variant will come in Rs 7.35 lakh. So when it comes to affordability, Kuv100 is the clear choice.

nuvosport vs kuv100

Comparison based on engines

Both the models are available in two engines options. KUV100 petrol variant is powered by mFalcon G80, 1.2-litre 3-cylinder petrol engine which can deliver power of 82bhp and torque of 114Nm. Its diesel variant has mFalcon D75, 1.2-turbocharged litre diesel 3-cylinder engine that can chunk 77bhp power and 190Nm torque. They have five-speed transmission as transmission system.

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Coming to Nuvosport, then its petrol version is still in the queue of arrival and will be launching soon.Its diesel variant will be powered by  Mahindra ‘s new 1.5-litre, 3-cylinder motor , which can supply power of 100bhp and torque of 240Nm. It will have five-speed manual transmission system or 5-speed AMT, only.

Mahindra Nuvosport
Mahindra NuvoSport

Mahindra NuvoSport vs Mahindra KUV100 Dimensions

KUV100 is a 3675mm long, 1715mm wide, and 1655mm high car. It has the wheelbase of 2385mm and it provides the ground clearance of 170mm. Mahindra’s upcoming model Nuvosport has the length of 3985mm, breadth of 1850mm and height of 1880mm. Also its wheelbase is 2760mm and it provides more comfortable ride with ground clearance of 180mm. So, in all, Mahindra’ s upcoming car is more spacious and more comfortable in terms of ride.

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Comparison Feature of Mahindra NuvoSport and Mahindra KUV 100

Mahindra KUV100 is a small car which lots of features. This car has the premium looks because of its high bonnet, slim headlights, and other features. Coming to the looks of NuvoSport, then this car will be having the looks of Quanto, but it will be more refreshing. This car is mainly targeting youngsters, so it will have more stylish and more adjustable looks.

kuv 100
Mahindra KUV100

Coming to interiors, then KUV100 is a six seater car whereas Nuvosport will be seven seater model. KUV100 has the features like USB connectivity, steering mounted controls, Bluetooth with four-speaker music system. It has decent cabin space. On the other hand, Nuvosport will have the features like 2-din infotainment framework with touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, another focus console framework, suport eight-way movable seats, and many more.

Comparison based on mileage

Diesel variant of Nuvosport is expected to provide mileage of 17.45kmpl,  whereas fuel efficiency of petrol version of KUV100 is 18.23kmpl and diesel version is 25.32kmpl.

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