Upcoming car of 2018- Lamborghini Urus

Upcoming car of 2018- Lamborghini Urus


Lamborghini Urus 2018 to be Launched This Year

The conceptual design of the new Lamborghini Urus was a matter of debate at the Beijing auto show in 2012, but is all ready to be launched in 2018; the launch is more anticipated than JEE Main. This off-road car is a crossover between a sports car and an SUV, and the first of its kind. While staying true to its Italian brand’s DNA, this beast has a distinctive silhouette. With the design of a sports car, and the traits of an SUV- strength, solidity, power and safety; it surely makes a statement. Lamborghini’s flamboyant creation is refreshing and authentic.

Lamborghini Urus 2018 Price in India

Sharing its name with a bull, Urus is a successor of the Lamborghini LM002 SUV from the 1980s, and the price is estimated to start from 3 crores in India. This is the expected cost after several markups in the price due to the need of the super-rich to urgently own a Urus and to be the first ones to do so.

Lamborghini sees the new SUV as a good seller, so they have set a target of 3,500 units a year in 2019. And have even doubled their factory space to 160,000 square meters, to meet the sales requirements.

Lamborghini Urus 2018 Launch Date

The car was unveiled on December 14, 2017, and is expected to be in the market by January 2018. Production starts from February 2018. The much-awaited SUV is as loved and respected as the best engineering colleges in India, but it takes five months to actually get the vehicle.

Lamborghini Urus 2018 Mileage


Petrol 7.87 kmpl (approx.)

The 4.0L, Biturbo V8 engine produces the maximum power of 650 HP @ 6000 rpm, and maximum torque of 850 Nm @ 2250-4500 rpm. Although Lamborghini claims the engine is used only by them, but it is a retuned version of Audi’s 4.0L V8It has 8 cylinders and a top speed of 305 kmph.

The car weighs 2200 Kg dues to do extensive use of carbon fiber reinforced polymer.

Lamborghini Urus 2018 Interiors

The luxurious interiors of Urus is a state of the art technology. It has three TFT screens, and is a driver-oriented design, with the drivers needs being a priority. Each of the three screen serves a different purpose- one for the instruments, one for infotainment and one for comfort functions, including virtual keyboard feature with hand-writing recognition. It has a “Y” theme dashboard, much like its ancestors. Being the first five-seater sports car, Urus is the epitome of elegance, with a bonus option of customization.

Lamborghini Urus 2018 Exteriors

This Hybrid Lamborghini has a distinct design with many facets- sporty, elegant and off-road. With a rugged appearance, it showcases security and power. But the mixed tyre say luxurious sports car. Being real to the Lamborghini name, some iconic designs can be noted in Urus. Such as the hexagon elements, the front bonnet with center peak and the cross lines on rear door. The frameless doors are a reminder of the iconic Marcello Gandini line.

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