Mahindra KUV100 vs Renault Kwid vs New Ford Figo

kuv100 vs kwid vs figo

Mahindra & Mahindra has recently launched, its sub-4m SUV Mahindra KUV100. This car has arrived on 15 Jan 2016, and with its arrival, its comparison has started with its rivalling cars. So here is the quick comparison between the favourite sub SUV’s cars: Mahindra KUV100 vs Kwid vs Ford Figo.

kuv100 vs kwid vs figo

Comparison Based on Prices

Although official price of the KUV100 has announced by Mahindra and it is a confirm news that this model costing are less than 6.76 lakhs. And cheapest model  of KUV100 pirce 4.42 Lakhs. Because of this price range, this model of Mahindra is giving stiff competition to Ford Figo whose cost price starts from Rs 4.66 lakhs. Renault kwid is the cheapest model among three with the base Price of Rs 2.79 lakhs.

kuv 100
Mahindra KUV100

Comparison based on Dimensions

All the three cars are less than 4 meters in length. Figo measures 3886 mm in length and Kwid is 3670 mm long. Exact length of KUV100 is 3675 mm. Talking about other dimensions, then KUV100 tops the chart with height and breath are 1655 mm and 1755 mm respectively. Kwid is 1579 mm wide and 1478 mm high. Figo width is 1695 mm and its height is 1525 mm.  Mahindra KUV100 provides ground clearance of 170 mm and has the wheelbase of 2385 mm. Kwid’s wheelbase is 2422mm and its ground clearance value is 180 mm. Figo has the wheelbase of 2491 mm and provides ground clearance of 174 mm.

Comparison based on powering engines and torque produced

Renault Kwid is powered by 0.8 Litre SCe – Smart Control Efficiency Kwid is capable of producing 53 bhp of power and 72 Nm of torque and is coupled by5-speed manual gearbox. Figo engine can chunk upto 86bhp power and 112Nm torque and is called Ti-VCT PETROL Engine. Kuv100 engines are 1.2-litre G80 Petrol mFalcon and 1.5-litre D75 Diesel mFalcon. 1.2-litre G80 Petrol mFalcon will be powering KUV100 petrol variant and can provide power and torque upto 82bhp and 114Nm. Powering is the KUV100 diesel variant is done by 1.5-litre D75 Diesel mFalcon which can produce maximum power of 77bhp and torque of 190Nm. KUV100 will be mated with automated manual transmission or five speed manual. So it is the comparison based on engine KUV 100 vs Kiwd and KUV100 vs New Figo.

Renault Kwid

Comparison Based on the fuel Efficiency

Renault kwid provides the efficiency of 25.17km whereas Figo’s engine is capable of providing efficiency upto 18.16km. Petrol model of KUV100 can provide power efficiency upto 18.15 kmpl and its diesel can give mileage upto 23.32 kmpl. So in all we can expect satisfactory fuel combustion in KUV100.

new ford figo
New Ford Figo

Features of Mahindra KUV100, Renault Kwid and Ford Figo

Kwid and figo are the successful and established models in Indian car markets and will be giving a stiff competition to the upcoming KUV100. Kwid is Common Module Family platform based car which is known for its highly fuel efficient engine.  Ford Figo has similar looks of Aspire sedan. It has well crafted bumpers, muscular wheel arches and large grille which makes it look appealing. Coming to the features of KUV100, then this model of Mahindra is equipped with multi-spoke 15-inch alloy wheels, rear view mirrors (ORVMs), subtle roof rails, plastic body cladding, plastic wheel arches, silver chrome accents and many more. It has integrated infotainment system, 3+3 seating arrangement, centre console rectangular AC vents and it is expected to have a large cabin space like XUV500. It will have ABS as standard safety equipment.

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16 thoughts on “Mahindra KUV100 vs Renault Kwid vs New Ford Figo

  1. I want full features in all varient of diseal. Nd price
    Too . Please intimate any offer is given .can we purchase through CSD

  2. If petrol gives 20kmpl as said with 115nm torque then it’d be wonderful engine atleast on paper.but it has to be seeing if they fit 60:40 rear folding seat in utility factor under sub 4m cars n min 80mm ground clearance with plastic cladding n in compettetive pricing will give not normal but abnormal competition with the rival cars. But rear design is still doubtful…

    1. If you want save money, under your budget then kwid is also good… otherwise around 5 lakhs for sporty looks,, feel for mini SUV go for Mahindra KUV100

      1. All I wanted to know iz which iz best in this can u tell me ….? I am totally confused to buy ford Figo r kuv 100 , has ur opinion which iz best ur thinking has I can buy……?

    1. If you interested to buy KUV 100 then you can cancel your booking,, go for KUV100..check you mail.. sending you booking process.

  3. I already booked kwid last october
    But as mentioned above features planing to buy kuv100 .so i put kwid on Hold.
    Whats need to be done?

  4. I am planning to buy car,just heard that kwid is doing well except engine sounds,built quality.please suggest me can i go for kwid? it wil b my first car taking on loan either am full pocket or frequent car changer,tell me your opinion.u can suggest any other rather than kwid in or around kwid budget.
    thanks in adv

  5. Hi I am planning to buy my first car. My criteria s the car should be fuel efficient, low maintenance and within budget of 4-6 lakhs to the max 7 laks.I will be using the car frequently probably 4days a week. Can u suggest me a good car and shd I go for petrol or diesel

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