Compare JEEP Compass Vs Ford Endeavor: Specification, Price

JEEP Compass Vs Ford Endeavor

Hello Friends the JEEP Motors an American Automobile Company now introduced its new product as JEEP Compass. According to the Latest News this Upcoming Car in India will be expected available after August 2017. After launching this car everyone want to get own that most awaited cat. But before to buy this car every one start comparison of this car regarding its Features, Specification, Price, Mileage and Much more from its Most Comparative cars. Now in this section we make comparison JEEP Compass Vs Ford Endeavor. After check these all Comparison interested buyer can buy car which is suitable for you.

JEEP Compass Vs Ford Endeavor

JEEP Compass Vs Ford Endeavor Comparison

After Launching the New Ford Endeavor having more power full Engine as comparing from the Jeep Compass. Endeavor has 2.2 Trend 4×2 MT Engine but Jeep Compass has only 1.4-litre, turbocharged Multi Air engine. By this Comparison Engine Specification it also has Price Difference that it the JEEP Compass will be Expected Available in Indian Market in Rs. 20 Lakh – 25 Lakh but Ford Endeavor now available under Rs. 23 Lakh – 30 Lakh. These both cars has manufactured with 6 Speed Gear Box Auto and Manual. To get more Comparison read below.

Compare JEEP Compass Vs Ford Endeavor Price

Model Price
Jeep Compass Rs. 14.95 – 20.65 Lakh
Ford Endeavor Rs 23.68 lakh to Rs 29.59 lakh

According to Make comparison between JEEP Compass and Ford Endeavor in Price it is proved that the JEEP Compass is more affordable Budget car as compare Ford Endeavor.

JEEP Compass
JEEP Compass

Comparison in JEEP Compass Vs Endeavor Specifications

Specifications Jeep Compass Ford Endeavor
Engine 1.4-litre, turbocharged MultiAir engine 2.2-litre, 4-cylinder TDCi Diesel
Power 138bhp 158bhp @ 3,200rpm
Torque NA 385Nm @ 1,600rpm – 2,500rpm
Diesel Engine 2.0-litre Multijet II 3.2-litre, 5-cylinder TDCi
Power 168bhp 197bhp @ 3,000rpm
Torque 350Nm 470Nm @ 1,750rpm – 2,500rpm
Gearbox 6-speed DSG auto box, 9-speed auto box & 6-speed manual unit 6-speed AT with 4X2 / 4X4
Drivetrain System 2WD & AWD 2WD & 4WD

By Make these all Specified Comparison we can justify that the Ford Endeavor is more power full and efficient car as compare JEEP Compass. According this Ford Endeavor can produce maximum Torque power as 197 BHP in the case of JEEP Compass it is limited only 168 BHP. According to make these all comparison by all specifications of both of them cars you are advised to bought Endeavor.

JEEP Compass Vs Ford Endeavor Mileage

Variant Jeep Compass Ford Endeavor
Petrol 12-14kmpl

Diesel 15-17kmpl 14.12kmpl

By Comparison, in JEEP Compass Vs Endeavor both of these cars have approximately similar Mileage. These no more difference in Mileage so we can say that these both car fuel efficient cars.

Ford Endeavor
Ford Endeavor

Compare JEEP Compass Vs Ford Endeavor Dimension

Dimensions Jeep Compass Ford Endeavor
Length 4,447 mm 4,892 mm
Width 1,813 mm 1,860 mm
Height 1,651 mm 1,837 mm
Wheelbase 2,634 mm 2,850 mm
Ground Clearance 205 mm 225 mm
Seating Capacity 5 Seat 7 Seat

The JEEP Compass Vs Ford Endeavor Size has no more difference between both of them. The noticeable comparison between these cars is that the Ford Endeavor has 7 Seating Capability but the JEEP Compass has only 5 Seating Capability.

By these all results of Comparison between JEEP Compass Vs Ford Endeavor everyone can be decided easily your choice of car according to your requirements. If your budget is limited and you want to buy more Featured car them the JEEP Compass is specified from us. To get any more comparison buyers have to read all detail and Guideline are provided from the Manufacturer.

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