Hyundai Veloster 2018 Turbo may Launch in India

New Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai is Indian second number vehicle manufacturer with the largest exporter, has a good series of cars that cover all the important segments of the market. A few days ago Hyundai India introduced entry level compact SUV segment car while Renault is already present his Clio model at the same designation. While we are talking about crossovers, how can we forget the beautiful Hyundai Veloster 2018 which was exhibited at the 2012 Auto Expo held in New Delhi.

Hyundai Veloster 2018

Veloster 2018 is one of the best-selling models for Hyundai across the world wide and this car’s iterations are getting better day by day. Despite this suffix crossover, the model looks like a sporty two door hatchback that is reasonably big. While latest Veloster 2018 car will share its basic shape and three-door design (two doors passenger’s side and one long door on the driver’s side) with the new variant of this model, this latest model of Veloster seen here will evolve its look, trading on the design language established by the Hyundai i30. Like the Hyundai i30, the upcoming new Veloster may offer great performance. Just like BMW has M, Audi has S and RS, and Mercedes has AMG models, Hyundai is refining out its N sub-brand to denote its sporty models, presumably because that letter was available.

Hyundai Veloster 2018

Hyundai Veloster 2018 Price in India

This model 2018 hit the production line back in 2011 and a while back it the latest iteration was launched in the UK. Following the overwhelming response of the car, Hyundai has launched Veloster Turbo SE, a more powerful version, in the UK. The price of the car will commence from September 24, 2012 and prices start from Rs.19.3 Lakh.

New Hyundai Veloster 2018 Features

In case of power and torque facts, the Veloster Turbo is superior normal Veloster is many ways. These are the following improvement in normal Veloster.

  • Enhanced suspension
  • Better damping system
  • New body kit
  • 18-inch tires
  • Leather seats on the interior
  • Electrically adjustable driver seat with lumbar support
  • 7-inch touchscreen Sat-Nav system
  • Rear parking camera
  • Parking guidance system

Hyundai may show Veloster model in Indian market at auto expo. This model is expensive but Hyundai may take a time before introducing this car.

New Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai Veloster 2018 Specification

The new variant of Hyundai Upcoming Cars as Veloster 2018 should ride on the same updated bones as the 2018 Elantra GT. Like as new Elantra, the Veloster’s wheelbase and overall width likely will see mild growth spurts. As well, the Veloster N is estimated to use the adaptive suspension system that will be fitted to the i30 N.

Powertrain: As the footsteps of the i30 N, the Veloster N is all but certain to be powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four fuel. The Output should be about 250 horsepower, channeled to the front wheels.

In case i30 N that Hyundai took to the 24 Hours of Nürburgring race engine is anything to go by, then the Veloster N will come with a six-speed manual transmission with an automatic gearbox.

Hyundai Veloster 2018

Hyundai Veloster 2018 Launch Date in India

Thanks to recent entries of other companies car models such as the Ford Focus RS and the new  Honda Civic Type R, the Veloster N gives Hyundai its first real opportunity to join the party in the United States. And it’s also will be critical to establishing the credibility of the new performance sub-brand, which if successful will allow Hyundai to sell cars on more than just value.

Comparison with others: Ford Fiesta ST, Mini Cooper S JCW, Subaru WRX, Volkswagen GTI, Fiat 500 Abarth.

Price Estimate: a lot of things are going that Hyundai won’t take the censorships off of the Veloster N until the beginning of 2018, for sale in auto-show season. And competition of Veloster N on Hyundai of the high-performance hatch to market for in the above of $25000.

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