Honda WR-V vs Honda BR-V Comparison, Compare Price, Specification

Honda WRV vs BRV

Check Complete Honda WRV vs Honda BRV Comparison in the manner of Specification. Fuel Efficient, Price, Seating Capability, Dimensions, etc of both of them cars.

Honda WRV vs Honda BRV Comparison

The Honda motors now launched it’s a new product in the market which is WR-V. This product comes with a lot of features and Specifications. This is also an innovative version of its previous product is as Honda BRV. Now in this article, we are telling you the comparison between Honda WRV vs Honda BRV.

Honda WRV vs Honda BRV
Honda BR-V vs WR-V


Honda WRV vs BRV Price Compare

These both models are available in the market in both Fuel variants are as Petrol and Diesel. For both the Variants, the price of Honda WRV is less as compare from Honda BRV

Model Patrol Diesel
Honda WRV 7.75-8.99 lakh 8.79-9.99 lakh
Honda BRV 8.88-12.13 lakh 9.99-13.04 lakh

Compare Honda BRV vs WRV Specification

These both models are having different specifications as compared to each other. Both of them are the advanced version by comparison its each other. That if the Honda BRV having More power full Engine 1.5 Liter them the Honda BRV having its low price and Higher mileage as Compare from WRV. These all compare you also can be known in detail by reading of its table as mentioned below.

Honda BRV
Honda BR-V
Patrol/Diesel Variant Honda WR-V Honda BRV
Engine Type/ Displacement 1.2 L Petrol
1.5 L Diesel
1.5 L Petrol
1.5 L Diesel
Power 89 BHP
99 BHP
115 BHP
99 BHP
Torque 110 Nm
200 Nm
145 Nm
200 Nm
Transmission (Gearbox) 5-speed manual
6-speed manual
6-speed manual,
6-speed manual
Mileage (claimed) 17.5 KMPL
25.5 KMPL
15.4 KMPL
21.9 KMPL

By this Table, we can check all the basic Comparison between Honda WRV vs Honda BRV Comparision. According to this table, we can easily understand that the Honda BRV is the advanced version of Honda WRV. The Engine type of both is Common in the case of Diesel model which is 1.5 Liter. These both cars are mostly same according to the Engine Features in the Diesel Variants. If we are making comparisons in Petrol Variant then they are having few differences.

Honda WRV
Honda WR-V

Compare Honda WRV vs BRV Size

The Dimensions of Honda BRV are greater that Honda WRV it is due to the Honda BRV is the advanced and powerful card as comparing from Honda WRV. These all comparisons between both of these cars make Honda WRV a Budget Car within 8 Lakh.

  WR-V in mm BR-V in mm
Length 3999 mm 4456 mm
Height 1601 mm 1686 mm
Width 1734 mm 1735 mm
Wheelbase 2555 mm 2662 mm
Ground Clearance 188 mm

210 mm

Seating Capability



After check these all comparison between these cars you can be known about them easily that how much efficient card from both of them. We hope this Honda WRV vs Honda BRV Compare in Price, Specification, Size, Mileage, etc. will be help full to decide to buy a car.  To get any more specification are related to technology, Interior, Engine Quality, etc. can be read its brochure which is providing from the Company.

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