Honda BR-V vs Mobilio Comparison

honda brv vs mobilio

Honda is all set to launch its compact SUV on this 5 May 2016, with the name of “Honda Br-v”. This car will be kept below the Honda Mobilo, a successful Honda MPV, but due to the similar specifications in engines and performance, naturally comparison will be there. So, here goes a quick comparison Honda BRV vs Mobilio.

Honda BR-V vs Mobilio Prices Comparison

Honda Mobilo’s petrol variant comes in the range of INR 6.79 lacs – INR 9.65 lacs and its diesel variant range lie in the INR 8.24 lacs- 11.78 lacs.Till, no official prices of  Honda BR-V is announced but we are expecting it to be more costlier that the Mobilo. It can cost in the range of INR 9-13 lac.

honda brv vs mobilio

Comparison based on Engines

Both the cars have got same engines. They are 1.5 L Petrol engine and 1.5 L diesel engine which are capable of producing approximately 119bhp( petrol) and 99bhp( petrol) power and torque of around 145Nm( in petrol) and 200Nm (in Diesel).

Although both cars have same engine but they have different transmission systems. Mobilio only have 5 speed manual transmission system but Br-V is expected with 6 speed manual system along with optional CVT transmission available. That is BR-V will be accompanied by two transmission options.

honda brv

Comparison based on Dimensions

With respect to the dimensions also, this upcoming SUV is again more preferable. Mobilio measures 4386 X 1683 X 1603 mm whereas BR-V has the length, breadth and height of 4456 X1735 X 1666 mm. So in every measure, BR-V is bigger than Mobilio. Also in terms of ground clearance, again Br-V with 210 mm of ground clearance, beat Mobilio which have the ground clearance of 189mm. Br-V has got bigger tyres than Mobilio

Comparison based on designing

Both the cars have same cabin space and all most same interior designs. Both are seven seater cars, with same configurations. Coming to exteriors of honda brv vs honda mobilio, then yes looks of BR-V is more impressing. Its front is more expressive, and has got features like LED pilot lamps, black cladding, and projector headlamps. Other interesting features of this car are its tail lamp design, roof rails, faux skid plates, and beefier tyres. Side profile of both the cars are similar.

honda mobilio

Coming to the features, then BR-V is expected to have more belongings than Mobilio. We are expecting equipment’s like automatic climate control, touchscreen AVN from the Jazz, push-button start and many more. This car will also get leather-wrapped steering wheel, gear knob and leather upholstery.

 So in all, we can conclude that BR-V will be more equipped than Mobilio.

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