Honda BRV vs Hyundai Creta vs Ford Ecosport

honda brv vs creta vs ecosport

With the disclosing of Honda BR-V by Japanese carmaker Honda at the 2015 Indonesian International Auto Show, its comparison with all the SUV’s has started. This car will be launching in 2016, as planned, in India at 2016 Auto Expo. Honda’s BR-V (Bold Runabout Vehicle) is based on the platform of BRIO, and it is expected that this car will be directly taking over Hyudai’s Creta and Ford’s Ecosport. So here comes the brief comparison of all three cars.

Price Comparison

Firstly comparing them with prices, then Ford Ecosport is cheapest. It will cost around Rs 7lakh to 10.8lakh, whereas Creta  is most expensive among three. Its base price starts from Rs 8.8lakh and it can cost up to 14lakhs. Honda’s Br-V estimated cost price is Rs 8 lakh – Rs. 12 lakh (ex-showroom).

honda brv vs creta vs ecosport

Dimension Comparison

Now coming to dimensions of Honda BRV vs Hyundai Creta, then length, breadth and height of BR-V is 4455mm, 1735mm and 1650mm respectively. It has highest length among three. Dimensions (length, breadth, height) of Creta are  4270mm,1780mm, 1630mm accordingly and Ecosport measures 3999 in length,1765mm in breadth, 1708mm in height. BR-V has got highest wheelbase of 2660mm among three which makes most spacious among three.

Engine comparison of Honda BRV vs Hyundai Creta vs Ford Ecosport

Coming to engine specifications, then BR-V will be powered by 1.5 liter iVTEC petrol power-plant or 1.5 liter diesel mill. Max power of 118Ps and torque of 200Nm can be obtained. Powering of Creta is done by 1.6-litre U2 CRDI Engine that can deliver power up to 126.2bhp and torque up to 259.9Nm. The Ecosport will be powered by 1.5Litre TDCi Diesel engine that can supply power of 98.59bhp and torque of 205Nm and it will have 5 speed gear box transmission. Creta will be having 6 Speed gear boxes and Honda BR-V will have 6-speed manual and a CVT (continuously variable transmission) transmission option available.

Coming to features, then features of BR-V and Creta are similar. They both brv vs creta, are accompanied by a bold chrome grille, roof rails, black cladding, faux skid plates, projector headlamps etc. Ford Ecosport is known for its good looks. Its height, beefy alloys, the butch style and a tailgate mounted spare wheel makes it look quite attractive.

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