Honda BR-V vs Honda HR-V Comparison

honda brv vs hrv

Recently, Honda has launched Honda BR-V at the 2015 Indonesian International Auto Show. This car is expected to arrive in India in 2016 at 2016 Auto Expo. This new BR-V is a seven seater SUV based on Brio’s platform. Although it was expected that the Honda will be bringing Honda HR-V small SUV this year, but to lead the SUV’s market with budget-friendly compact SUV, this plan was dropped and a seven seater more affordable SUV Honda BR-V was launched. This article deals with the major differences between both the models.

Price Comparison

Firstly comparing with affordability, then definitely BR-V is more affordable and easily accessible as it cost Rs 8 lakh – Rs. 12 lakh (ex-showroom) and will be coming soon to Indian market. Talking about HR-V, then this car will cost more than 12lakhs and its arrival to India is also questioned.Br-V is a seven seater sports utility vehicle and HR-V is a 5-passenger subcompact SUV.

honda brv vs hrv

Dimension Comparison

Comparing with dimensions of Honda BR-V vs Honda HR-V then length of BR-V is more as compared to HR-V. BR-V is 4,455mm long, 1,735mm wide and 1,650mm tall whereas HR-V is 4295.14mm long, 1772.92 wide, and 1605.28mm tall. Both the models have similar cabin space that is they have equivalent wheelbases. Br-V has 2660mm wheelbase whereas HR-V has 2611.12mm wheelbase.

Engine Comparison of Honda BR-V vs Honda HR-V

Talking about engines, then Honda BRV is provided by two engines options: 1.5 liter iVTEC petrol power-plant and 1.5 litre diesel mill. Its power variant is capable of producing 118 PS and 145 Nm torque and its diesel engine can deliver 100 PS of power and 200 Nm of torque. Also Honda claims that the petrol engine of the BR-V will be accompanied with two advanced transmissions -a new 6-speed manual and a CVT. HR-V may get power from 130-horsepower four-cylinder engine and continuously variable transmission .Also, it might get a more potent turbocharged four-cylinder.

honda brv
Honda BR-V
honda hrv
Honda HR-V

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Specification Comparison

Since HR-V is based on the platform of Honda Fit, so a small footprint is expected. It has a rear Magic Seat, which makes it spacious and versatile. Its interior has clean and functional design and it has got the sporty and handsome looks, thanks to its standard 17-inch alloy wheels and height.

BR-V has class-leading cabin space, big roof rails for all grades, Multi-Information Display, New 16-inch alloy wheels, kneeroom and headroom etc. It is claimed by the company that this model will be based on Active Solid Motion’ which will make it “tough and solid”.

5 thoughts on “Honda BR-V vs Honda HR-V Comparison

  1. Honda ought to bring the awesome HRV into India. The HRV sits between the CRV & BRV, so it won’t canibalise one another. HRV sells like hot cakes in other Asian markets like Malaysia. From what I can see, the BRV sits between the Mobillo &. CRV/HRV. It’s niche.

  2. Please note that the HRV is built on a higher-end platform, which is that of the Honda Jazz (or Fit in the US) and the Honda City. The BRV is built on the lower-end mechanicals of the platform which underpins the Honda Brio/Amaze/Mobilio.

    The fundamental differences in the platform, other than the strength/size of the larger Honda Jazz/City platform, is the presence of the Magic seat in the HRV (like in the top-end Honda Jazz of the current generation), while the Brio underpinnings would not allow that in the BRV. This is a huge thing, if one knows what the magic seat is. In case of the Jazz that is sold in India, Honda quietly removed this signature Jazz feature (Magic seat) from all Jazz models of the current generation, other than the top ones, knowing that the Indian consumer is not very well informed on these things, which of course allowed them to lower the price of the product, at the expense of the people/luggage flexibility that the Jazz is globally known for.

    Other than the magic seat, overall the materials used in the HRV is of a much higher quality than what’s used in the BRV. Yes, the BRV is pretty much a jacked up Mobilio (7-seater) that has been stretched a bit more, with slightly better materials used and of course with a highly jacked up price.

    I just wish they had bought over the HRV, as they originally planned, than the BRV. Or better yet, get both, so that the people who need a higher end product, can get the HRV and the ones who need 7-seats can go for the BRV.

  3. Sure..I too have the same opinion as others…The Hoda should have introduced both HRV and BRV …..HRV is a must as we see Hyndai launchig in Tucson…Else Hoda would be left behind the Hyundai in capitalizing the market of premium SUV segment which is fast growing in India like hot cake…

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