Ford Figo Aspire vs Tata Zest vs Hyundai Xcent

Here will be simply comparison Ford Figo Aspire vs Tata Zest vs Hyundai Xcent. The Ford Figo Aspire is Ford’s new general felt that was uncovered just before Delhi Auto Expo. The auto has beginning now been seen endeavoring in full creation adulteration in India and will be the first auto to take off of the American automaker’s Gujarat plant. It is obliged to be trailed by the Ford Figo Aspire attempt hatchback a couple of months at some point later. Portage Aspire has dispatched effectively in Indian market. A reality that is doubtlessly clear in the design as the Figo Aspire looks like a corresponding auto, something that is lost from the other three. Honda and Tata have in like manner made a good indicating of organizing a squat boot region. Expected Price of Ford figo Aspire – Rs. 4.90 lakh – Rs. 7.30 lakhs.

Ford Figo Aspire vs Hyundai Xcent

The Hyundai will come with diesel variant will come 1.1-liter and 71bhp power diesel with even Tata Zest comes with 1.3 liter engine with max power 89 bhp However, in Ford figo aspire will be 1.2 liter, 86.8bhp and petrol 1.5 liter 110.5 bhp. The wheelbase is won sensible and square by the Tata Zest and Hyundai xcent, which is 2491mm and in Hyundai Xcent 2425mm, Zest wheelbase 2470mm, in length comparison all are same length with 3995mm. Now in Ford Figo Aspire vs Tata Zest in height and ground clearance Zest wins from Aspire.

Fuel and width of Tata zest vs Hyundai Xcent, Xcent fuel 43 litter, width 1660 mm, event Tata zest a step ahead from Ford Figo Aspire and Hyundai Xcent, It has 44 litter fuel tank and width 1706 mm. Explore more features and specification.

Hyundai Xcent gets some exceptional elements also; back stopping camera, cooled glove box, 1GB on board stockpiling and back AC vents. The Tata Zest and the Ford Figo Aspire lead the path as far as elements, took after nearly by the Hyundai Xcent.

Ford Figo Aspire vs Tata Zest vs Hyundai Xcent

Petrol Specifications Ford Figo Aspire Tata Zest Hyundai Xcent
Displacement 1.2 litre/1.5 litre 1.2 litre 1.2 litre
Max Power 86.8 bhp/ 110.5 bhp 89bhp 81.3bhp
Max Torque 112 Nm/ 136.3 Nm 140Nm 114Nm
Efficiency* 18.5 kpl/ 17 .1kpl 17.6kmpl (manual) 19kmpl ( Manual) 16.5 Kmpl (AMT)
Transmission 5-speed manual/6-speed AMT 5-speed manual 5-speed manual/4-speed AMT
Length 3995 mm 3995 mm 3995 mm
Width 1695 mm 1706 mm 1660 mm
Height 1525 mm 1570 mm 1520 mm
Wheelbase 2491 mm 2470 mm 2425 mm
Ground Clearance 174 mm 175 mm 165 mm
Seating 5 Person 5 Person 5 Person
Fuel Capacity 42 litres 44 litres 43 litres
Diesel Specifications
Displacement 1.5 litre 1.3 litre 1.1 litre
Max Power 98.6 bhp 74bhp/89bhp 71bhp
Max Torque 215 Nm 190Nm/200Nm 180Nm
Efficiency* 25.85 kpl 23kmpl 24.4kmpl
Transmission 5-speed manual Gearbox 5-speed manual Gearbox/5-speed (AMT) 5-speed manual
Price Range 4.90 to 7.30 lakhs 4.85 to 6.30 lakhs 5.03 to 7.80 lakhs
Model Variants Ford Figo Aspire Ambiente Tata Zest XE Hyundai Xcent Base
Ford Figo Aspire Trend Tata Zest XM Hyundai Xcent S and S(O)
Ford Figo Aspire Titanium Tata Zest XMS Hyundai Xcent SX and SX(O)
Ford Figo Aspire Titanuim+ Tata Zest XT Hyundai Xcent SX AT


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